Deltran Battery Tender Jr. 12v 750ma Maintainer / Charger New

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Deltran Battery Tender Jr. 12V  750ma Maintainer / Charger NEW


The Battery Tender® Junior offers much more than a trickle charger could offer. It has a brain. All Battery Tender® battery chargers automatically switch from a full charge to a float charge. The Battery Tender® Junior will fully charge your power sport or vintage vehicle. It's lightweight, compact, and fully automatic; very easy to use, especially in small spaces. Battery maintenance has never been easier with smart charger technology. Perfect for all lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance...



  • Condition: New

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Location: 437**, Zanesville, Ohio

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Owner Deltran Battery Tender Jr. 12V  750ma Maintainer / Charger NEW

Owner Zanesville, Ohio

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