2 Lb / 907g Bright Burgundy (purple) .025" Metal Flake Large Retro Metalflake

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2 lb / 907g Bright Burgundy (Purple) .025


2 lb / 907g Bright Burgundy (Purple) .025" Metal Flake Large Retro Metalflake 2 pounds / 907 grams of custom paint additive metal flakes. Save time and maximize your projects appearance with these solvent resistant, professional quality, automotive grade flakes manufactured in the United Sates. These are the type of flakes used by professionals to create stunning custom paint applications. They can be mixed with any automotive, waterborne or marine paint system. They can also be used for nails, ...



  • Condition: New

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Location: 02804, Ashaway, Rhode Island

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Owner 2 lb / 907g Bright Burgundy (Purple) .025

Owner Ashaway, Rhode Island

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